Add acoustic, real percussion instruments from all over the world,
or customized samples and loops made exclusively for you!


1. How can I send my music to you?
. The fastest way is to send an MP3  sub mix by email., or, via the upload page. IMPORTANT: Start your mix from the "zero mark" of your session!   That way it will be easy to sync the percussion files later. Just drop them at the same point (the 0:00:00) because all files will be consolidated. Another option is to send a 2 bar click before the start of the music. I'll keep them on my files, so you can align them with your session and the percussion tracks will automatically aligned also.  And... a good way for me to understand your music, is to have different sub mixes. One with all your rhythmic  ideas in it (guide audio tracks, plus midi or loops) to be replaced for Live Percussion. And a second one without   those parts, to be used as a basic track for the recording session. If you have a chart for the song, it will help as  well.  It can be a logic, pdf, finale, or an image file (jpg, gif, pict...)
     Another 2 options: 1.Make your session files available online, so we can download them using FTP.
                                      2.Send your files (MP3 or any other format) via

2. Is there a better way to mix the song submitted to you?
    A.  Yes !  There is !  If you can mix the drum parts (or loops) that will stay on the song, panned all the way to   the Right, and the rest of the instruments panned to all the way the Left, it will give a little more control of what I  hear during the recording process. Also, if you have a click recorded on the song, please mute it after the count  off, or, send it separately, either by itself , or on the "guide" submix.

3. What if I don't like the final results?
We will work with you and assimilate exactly what you need for your music. Before the final file is sent to  you, we will send little samples of the tracks in mp3 to get your feedback.  Or even interact in real time through As a general  rule, we will take up to 2  feedbacks. After that, we need to discuss if we should proceed. If you don't like it, you don't need to pay the rest of the fee. But that never happened. :)

4. How long it will take to get your tracks done?
Between 2 and 4 days after I received your song. If you are in a hurry, a ($50) rush fee will be added , so we  can give priority to your music.

5. What kind of recording system do you have?
We use Pro Tools LE or M-Powered 24 bit 48khz ,  and Logic Audio.

6. Why are you so affordable? Does it mean your work is not well done?
Low costs are transfered to you. If you're not in a hurry, and we can take our time, you get this incredible deal. See the grand opening packages and pick one that suits your needs.

7. What kind of experience do you have?
About 20 years touring, recording, teaching, and, in the last 5 years producing as well.  Many years in Rio de Janeiro and in Los Angeles working with some the best music around. From  Brazilian, to Cuban,  African, North American, Middle-Eastern, etc... You can find a more detailed  resumé and bio at  "Experience is everything". You can also hear fun stuff at the "sound clips" page

8. Where are you located at?
I own a recording studio in Natal, Brazil called "Som das Dunas" (Sound of the Dunes) and have gear in Los Angeles, USA, where I use other studios.

9. What happens after  the tracks are approved? 
. Once final payment is received at PayPal, we will send you an email with a link and password to download your tracks.

***If you still have questions, please email us.
When you are ready, please go the"start here" page to fill out the form and pay the $40 submission fee, it will be discounted from the final balance.